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Reaching the perfect user
at the perfect time,
with the perfect spot.


Why publishers love the linicom ad system


More revenue. No hassle.


Make no mistake, this is a revolution. Our precision Ad System can generate unlimited additional ads, delivering relevant, hightly personalised campaigns to your visitors in ways they've not seen before. And none of your existing ad space will be compromised.


The result is 100% new ad revenue. Yes, 100%. We told you it was revolutionary.

Why ecommerce loves the linicom ad system


No cost. No risk


On top of that, you can forget about expensive analysis, creatives and media placement - we'll generate ads automatically from your product catalogue, and put them exactly where your audience will see them.


You want results. You want to find only your specific customer, not risks. So how's this for a promise: you'll never pay for an ad that doesn't result in a sale, ever again.

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And you can try the Linicom Ad System for free, right now.
You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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